Baby shower gifts? 

Infantino Compact 2-in-1 Shopping Cart Cover This covers grocery carts and public high chairs to keep baby safe and away from all the nasty germs. 
Car Seat Saver Waterproof liner 

I received this from a really good friend and mother of two! This is amazing as it really limits the times I have had to wash the car seat! 

First aid and grooming kit
You can get this one from the American Red Cross or for Safety First. I have both and couldn’t be happier to have all her needs covered. Droppers, nail clippers, files etc are all here in an easy to carry (and keep) pouch. 
Changing pads
There are many brands to choose from but this is a must for the busy mom. Normal changing pads are small and don’t really work well. 

Activity toy for car seat
It’s already hard to keep them in the seat but with this distraction it’s a little easier. I have this exact one and at under $8.00 USD it’s a no brainer. 

Clothing! But remember the baby grows, so get bigger than 6 months. Plus my daughter at 9 months is already wearin 12/18 months so make sure you buy smart. 

Soft toys and rattles are awesome. Also security blankets, bins, shoes and cute head bands for girls. 

These are just some extremely thoughtful and exonomic gifts that you can get a loved one. 
What would you like to receive?