Separation anxiety 

Right now I’m dealing with serious separation anxiety. My LO screams bloody murder when ever I leave her with someone else, even a family member. 

My SO celebrated his birthday on Wednesday and we plan to have some drinks on Saturday. That will entail leaving my LO with my sister for a few hours during the day into the evening. To try to ease this I have been leaving her for short times with my sister (who she knows) with toys and with her big sister around and my four month old just screams.  

I know of seperation anxiety usually from 6 months but four months is ridiculous. 

Now because of her blood curdling cries I’m up at 3:00am on Friday morning worrying about the feasibility of Saturday’s outing. 

My heart is beating no thumping, I feel nauseous, I have a headache and I can’t sleep. My nerves of being away and her crying endlessly till I get back is taking a toll on me. This is an avoidable seperation. 

I’m stuck between a rock and sever hard places. 

I’m slowing becoming depressed about leaving her.  I think it’s harder on me that her. 

All the what ifs play in my mind. 

What if my sister can’t handle it and just leaves her to cry? I know that won’t happen but my mind is plaguing me with questions. 

What if she is so upset she won’t eat or sleep or even calm down? I’d be far away on a boat at that and not able to come home! 

I’m a mess. 



2 thoughts on “Separation anxiety 

  1. Kalifa Esdelle says:

    My LOs are the same and they are only 3 months.I usually go everywhere with them of course accompanied by a family member and I would nurse them before I leave the car to run errands yet still they would both bawl their eyes out till I return..allll the much so I have vowed not to go anywhere.though that never works out..I just cant deal with the rush..the pressure..its too much stress on me I cannot hurry people and say listen I have two screaming babies in the car can you please hurry..I did not like taking them out on public until they had their shots that is why they remained in the car..a day I left them with their father ..pumped breast milk and all..when I returned home the man looked like he wanted to die that is why the idea of carrying them with me came about but still it does not work..lets not even get into the sleeping habit of them..they refuse to go into their crib making they father ask why did he spend all that money..we decided to buy 1 crib for now as they are small and we read that twins usually sleep well with eachother..well those textbook cases are not always the case..they sleep well with eachother when I sleep with them..sleeping during the day is a nightmare especially for the Girl because she sleeps closer to me sooooo always smellimg the breast milk amd when I remove myself she wakes up..I am not worried about returning to work though cause I have enough time due to vacation to ease them into better sleeping habit as they get older..wish me well moms


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