Himalaya product review. 

Himalaya is the perfect blend of an affordable product that is also pretty good. I’ve finally been able to lay my hands on all the products I wanted to review so here is my comprehensive product breakdown. 
1. The powder. $15 large $10 small

If you choose to use power on your baby make sure none of it gets into their noses and into their lungs. 

This powder is finer than the usual suspects like Amens and Johnsons. It actually feels like silk when applied onto baby. It’s easy to get into all the folds and works well to keep baby dry. 

It has a mild scent that while refreshing is not overpowering and I think it can be used on infants with no issues.  Its hypoallergenic and touted as all natural, being made in India. 

The powder comes in two sizes and are relatively cheap. The small size is about $10.00 while the larger is about $15.00. These prices are available in pennywise cosmetics. Be mindful of you purchase off brand powder a extra large one is roughly $10.95. 

The powder bottle is shaped perfectly for grip and usage. The lid is well appointed and doesn’t spill and slip as much as the Amens does. The only down side is that it opens so easily which leads to some spills.  The bottle design also makes it easy to pack into the baby bag and the both sizes are easy to carry.  The tall slender shape allows it to slip into the baby bag win ease and stays upright most times. 

2. The body wash. $15-20

Unlike the bar of baby soap the body wash is my favorite as it is tear free and very mild. The fragrance is calming and it contains fenugreek which I have heard so much about and only heard great things. 

It’s sudsy but not overly so and it gives you a nice slippery feeling so you mentally get satisfied that it is soapy and actually cleaning. 

Warning is if you are new at bathing a baby and a new born be very careful when holding a soapy child.  I’ve used the bath soap in my LO’s hair as well and it has gone ok. 

3. The shampoo $15-20

The shampoo has a stronger smell and lathers a little more than the bath soap. It leaves the hair soft, shiny and smelling amazing.  I’m not sure if I’d use this on a new born as it is so fragrant but use your best judgement. 

4. The lotion $20.95

The lotion is rich but not as thick so it is absorbed well into the skin. It has a sweet smell that I’ve come to grow accustomed to with this brand. The fragrance stays with the baby for a while after use which is yummy. I won’t use this on a new born but after three months I would recommend it. It left my baby’s skin soft and delicious. (Yes I nibbled her) 

5. The wipes. $23.00 

The wipes are soft and ridge-less like pampers brand but very fragrant. This is too fragrant to use on a new born in my opinion. They are soft and delicate and very gentle but the perfume throws me off in recommending it for infants. I’d suggest from three months onward.  

6. Diaper rash cream 

I still don’t know if I like the diaper rash cream. It is just that, a cream. It isn’t as thick as the Burt’s or Cetaphil and it also has a perfumed fragrance.  I’m not sure how I feel about applying it to an infant and how I feel it will work.  I have it but I used it once and really didn’t feel like it would protect her. 
All in all this brand is very good and very reasonably priced. The products here will make excellent gifts for new moms and babies and will last several months. The brand is strong and is known for its pharmaceutical and adult line of products that perform well. Just as the adult line the baby line is a strong contender in personal care. 

Packaging 8/10 

Product range in the line of baby care 9/10 

Ability to use on newborns 7/10

Price for a well established brand 10/10

Availability and distribution 10/10

Satisfaction 9/10


3 thoughts on “Himalaya product review. 

  1. curtrece says:

    Ive been using this on my son the johnsons bath wash gave him a rash this product has been agreeing with him so far the scent is also mild and nice


  2. Kalifa Esdelle says:

    I know I recently praise the Himalaya brand in a previous post but I must note my experience with it have now been mixed. I took my LOs to their check up only to be told that they have dry skin and I should switch to the Cetaphil brand.I think I agree with Anissa that it is not for newborns as I immediately used the products on my LOs when I started bathing them and as such left their skin dry especially after using the soap. The gentle wash did however leave a soft feeling after use. Yes the shampoo lathers well. Though the lotion did not leave them moisturized as I would have liked. So to combat that I would mix the lotion with coconut oil. This worked for me..yet the doctor still found their skin to be dry.. I have never used the diaper cream as I love A&D ointment whwn diapering and I also only use Huggies natural care wipes..no fragrance..I love the Himalaya powder and still uses it even though I have switched to the Cetaphil brand.


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