Herbalife and breastfeeding. 

This post is going to make loads of people mad at me. This post must be done. 

Is Herbalife safe, or as safe as they claim it to be, while breastfeeding? 


It is not safe. I don’t think you want your baby to be a test subject. It is explicitly unsafe while exclusively breastfeeding to ingest Herbalife or anyother weight loss product. Why? Let’s break this down. 

Logically anything that makes you lose weight, natural or not, can pass through your milk and affect your baby and his/weight gain. 

But let’s get a bit scientific. 

Above it the actual ingredients of the French vanilla shake. 

Fructose :- The American Nutritional Journal article on why fructose is bad should suffice. Since I know some won’t click the link Articles Mercola has a great breakdown chart I’d place here. 

Why would a herbal, all healthy good for you drink contain fructose? Why not a more natural sweetener? 

Here are some articles that will have you thinking about how fructose can affect your baby through your breastmilk. 

Fructose Malabsorption

Another study suggests ” that “Consuming fructose during suckling may result in lifelong changes in body weight, insulin secretion, and fatty acid transport involving CD36 in muscle and ultimately promote insulin resistance.” Suckling equates to the breast-feeding period in humans. If these results translate to us, it suggests that a child receiving fructose during the first year of its life may be programmed from day one for obesity and Type II Diabetes.” Fructose and Babies by David Gillespie  

So head over to google and see why you maybe should be having a fructose rich diet or meal replacement drink while breast feeding. 

Lecithin powder :- According to livestrong “Because lecithin powder can bond with both lipids and non-lipids, such as oil and water, manufacturers use it to combine the ingredients in foods such as candy and margarine. It is also added to cooking sprays because it helps keep baked goods from sticking to pans. Lecithin may also appear as a dietary supplement with various health benefit claims, but many of these claims are unsubstantiated by independent scientific research. Only take a lecithin supplement after speaking with your doctor and a registered dietitian.”

For breastfeeding moms, we know of this powder if we have suffered from mastitis. It can safely be used (in its pure form) to help prevent mastitis with little or no harm to the baby. Please remember this must come from your doctor or lactation consultant.  

Soy protein isolate :- it’s soy right? 

Most soybeans in the Us used to get this protein are GMO.  “Genetically modified soybeans are designed to be “Roundup ready.” That’s right. They are chemically engineered to withstand heavy doses of herbicides without killing the plant! What does this mean for your health and the health of your unborn or yet-to-be-conceived children?”

Hm m. Interesting. Also according to Mercola and many other articles out there, the benefits of soy have been very overstated. Here is a overview of what the good doctor has to say in his article on Soy isolate. 

Maltodextrin :- according to The risks of Maltodextrin this compound is another sugar used to increase energy. This is the second ingredient so far that is high on the glicimic index. The article explains that if one isn’t active enough this particular compound can lead to weight gain instead of weight loss. 

Breastfeeding moms know weight loss and weight gain are two factors of development monitored constantly by medical personnel on each visit. Let’s just leave that here. Again. Google. It. Do. Your. Research. 

Calcium and sodium caseinate:- Hello MSG! Yes that’s just what it is. 😳. Yeah. Fancy names for good ole MSG! 

Here are some links Truth labelingLife spaLivestrong and Health impact news

Corn barn. 😳😳 I don’t even know what this is and it’s the easiest to pronounce. 

Guar Gum:- say hello to your laxative. According to Life Science  “the gum can function as a laxative by forming a bulky gel that moves the contents of the intestines along. For this reason, doctors will sometimes prescribe the stuff to alleviate symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome or Crohn’s disease” I don’t think you want to be ingesting laxatives while breastfeeding. Just don’t. 

One herbal supplimemts page Share Care Inc warns that you should “Use cautiously when breastfeeding. You should read product labels, and discuss all therapies with a qualified healthcare provider. Natural Standard information does not constitute medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.”

At this point I have only been through Eight of the ingredients listed. I’m already convinced that you should not take this while breastfeeding and be very cautions while pregnant. 

I am not a doctor, I am not a weight loss fanatic. I believe that eduction is necessary and that we should research to help ourselves. 

One more article that is of interest is posted by mommies favorite Kelly Mom. Have a read.  

At the end of the day I know many moms struggle with weight loss after baby.make your decisions wisely. 


Ethics when shopping. 

I usually teach my daughter that right is right and wrong is wrong. I go around helping displaced children and improvised families and show her that her eight and a half years of life thus far has been really blessed. Due to her blessings she should help others.  

So what about how we shop? Are we practicing the same thing? Are we helping the improvised and dispossessed or voiceless with the way we shop? 

I sadly do not. 

I have both children dressed in brands like, Carters, old navy, Gap, H&M, many Walmart brands and the like inclusive of Nike and Addidas.

I make it my business to check into outlet malls to get even better prices when shopping and not bat an eyelid on the background of the company (parent company included) or the method of production. 

Recently I saw a video that showed the toxicity that denim production causes and I cringed. How could this be happening and I’m content in purchasing my SO some new Levi’s every chance I get!? 

So I dug, not even very deep, and found out various brands that I ❤️ are more disgusting that I would have thought. How do I feel knowing my children’s clothing, my make up, my household items and shoes are drenched in the sweat, blood and tears of children? That these brands that are in my home are linked to building collapses and deaths in the thousands? That’s these brands that I brag about being able to “get really cheap ” are made with people who can’t even eat!? 

I feel remarkably sick to my stomach. 

But what can i do? I can’t afford brands that cost hundreds of dollars (US dollars at that). I can’t afford to clothe all the people in my family!  

Even when buying in to the theory of ethical brands we still get shocked. The Honest company isn’t that honest? Burt’s bees made by whom? 

Here is a small breakdown of what I’ve found out. 

Let’s focus on our household favorite Walmart. 

Walmart has long had issues regarding international labour laws. The daily dot Covers this and more. Let’s focus on the child labour issues. 

Global labour rights Article here looks at the way children in Bangladesh are treated by Walmart, Hanes, JCP and others. Children, sometimes younger than eleven are enslaved in these concentration camp type sweat shops and forced to work, sometimes being abused. The wages are around 11 1/2 cents per hour.  Yes. ELEVEN AND A HALF CENTS PER HOUR. the kicker? These companies think this is too much. That is under $1.00 USD a day. While our children go to school, play, give trouble to eat veggies and do homework these children are working, sometimes overtime in sweat shops making under a dollar a day. 

“In the month of September, the children had just one day off, and before clothing shipments had to leave for the U.S. the workers were often kept at the factory 95 to 110 hours a week. After being forced to work a grueling all-night 19-to-20-hour shift, from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 or 4:00 a.m. the following day, the children sleep on the factory floor for two or three hours before being woken to start their next shift at 8:00 a.m. that same morning.”

Walmart does more than enslave children. They aslo use corrupt business practices to make headway in new and emerging markets.  In 2012 Walmart was involved in a Huge corruption scandal  in Mexico. In 2015 they were probed (not for the first time) for Payoffs and Bribes in Brazil. This year a four year, global probe is ending. This probe reveals misconduct in these countries and Corruption in China and India

These are just two of the many issues that Walmart has internationally. Throw in minimum wage payments to workers in the Unitwd States, the anti- Union sentiment and the general working conditions Walmart is an all out evil company. 

What can we do here in Trinidad? 

Honestly not much. I can’t tell you to stop spreading your budget, purchasing the things you have to at the best price possible. I can ask you to research more, spend better, restrict spending on brands and in companies that are unethical. The most you can do is take away as much as you can from these companies. 

Brands like old navy, Hanes, Carters, George, child of mine (by Carters), Nike, Addidasand so on have had their issues. Research, see how they have remedy the issues and then make your decision. 

To talc or not to talc? 

“IARC classifies talc that contains asbestos as “carcinogenic to humans.”
Based on the lack of data from human studies and on limited data in lab animal studies, IARC classifies inhaled talc not containing asbestos as “not classifiable as to carcinogenicity in humans.”

Based on limited evidence from human studies of a link to ovarian cancer, IARC classifies the perineal (genital) use of talc-based body powder as “possibly carcinogenic to humans.””

This excerpt is from the American Cancer Society article in talc and its link to cancer. 

Yesterday I did an article where I reviewed baby powder and many moms came out stating they do not use it. A healthy conversation was had that prompted my research further into talc and the mysterious link to cancer. 

In the 1970’s talc it hat was used in personal care products contained asbestos which is a known carcinogen. This caused the talc and personal care powders to cause cancer.

 Cases like that of Ms. Breg, who developed ovarian cancer after using Johnsons & Johnsons baby powder between her legs for 30 years, highlighted the possible link between personal care products containing talc and cancer. The New York Times Article here states that talc particles had been found inside her tumor!  It travelled up genitourinary tract and lead to inflammation which could have possibly caused cancer. 

It is important to note the studies are limited and causation has not been established. As the Cancar society stated talc can be “possibly carcinogenic to humans”. 

If you wish to be safe avoid talc products, especially around your genitals. 

What’s talc products? 

From blush to eye shadow to facial powder contain talc. It is not only found in baby powder. If you are worried about cancer being linked to talc I suggest you closely examine all your products, keep researching new studies and findings and stay on the safe side. 

Some useful links. 

Safety cosmetics
The prairie land herbs
There are a host of articles out there. Remember research is still ongoing on asbestos free talc. The studies and findings will change. 

Himalaya product review. 

Himalaya is the perfect blend of an affordable product that is also pretty good. I’ve finally been able to lay my hands on all the products I wanted to review so here is my comprehensive product breakdown. 
1. The powder. $15 large $10 small

If you choose to use power on your baby make sure none of it gets into their noses and into their lungs. 

This powder is finer than the usual suspects like Amens and Johnsons. It actually feels like silk when applied onto baby. It’s easy to get into all the folds and works well to keep baby dry. 

It has a mild scent that while refreshing is not overpowering and I think it can be used on infants with no issues.  Its hypoallergenic and touted as all natural, being made in India. 

The powder comes in two sizes and are relatively cheap. The small size is about $10.00 while the larger is about $15.00. These prices are available in pennywise cosmetics. Be mindful of you purchase off brand powder a extra large one is roughly $10.95. 

The powder bottle is shaped perfectly for grip and usage. The lid is well appointed and doesn’t spill and slip as much as the Amens does. The only down side is that it opens so easily which leads to some spills.  The bottle design also makes it easy to pack into the baby bag and the both sizes are easy to carry.  The tall slender shape allows it to slip into the baby bag win ease and stays upright most times. 

2. The body wash. $15-20

Unlike the bar of baby soap the body wash is my favorite as it is tear free and very mild. The fragrance is calming and it contains fenugreek which I have heard so much about and only heard great things. 

It’s sudsy but not overly so and it gives you a nice slippery feeling so you mentally get satisfied that it is soapy and actually cleaning. 

Warning is if you are new at bathing a baby and a new born be very careful when holding a soapy child.  I’ve used the bath soap in my LO’s hair as well and it has gone ok. 

3. The shampoo $15-20

The shampoo has a stronger smell and lathers a little more than the bath soap. It leaves the hair soft, shiny and smelling amazing.  I’m not sure if I’d use this on a new born as it is so fragrant but use your best judgement. 

4. The lotion $20.95

The lotion is rich but not as thick so it is absorbed well into the skin. It has a sweet smell that I’ve come to grow accustomed to with this brand. The fragrance stays with the baby for a while after use which is yummy. I won’t use this on a new born but after three months I would recommend it. It left my baby’s skin soft and delicious. (Yes I nibbled her) 

5. The wipes. $23.00 

The wipes are soft and ridge-less like pampers brand but very fragrant. This is too fragrant to use on a new born in my opinion. They are soft and delicate and very gentle but the perfume throws me off in recommending it for infants. I’d suggest from three months onward.  

6. Diaper rash cream 

I still don’t know if I like the diaper rash cream. It is just that, a cream. It isn’t as thick as the Burt’s or Cetaphil and it also has a perfumed fragrance.  I’m not sure how I feel about applying it to an infant and how I feel it will work.  I have it but I used it once and really didn’t feel like it would protect her. 
All in all this brand is very good and very reasonably priced. The products here will make excellent gifts for new moms and babies and will last several months. The brand is strong and is known for its pharmaceutical and adult line of products that perform well. Just as the adult line the baby line is a strong contender in personal care. 

Packaging 8/10 

Product range in the line of baby care 9/10 

Ability to use on newborns 7/10

Price for a well established brand 10/10

Availability and distribution 10/10

Satisfaction 9/10

Separation anxiety 

Right now I’m dealing with serious separation anxiety. My LO screams bloody murder when ever I leave her with someone else, even a family member. 

My SO celebrated his birthday on Wednesday and we plan to have some drinks on Saturday. That will entail leaving my LO with my sister for a few hours during the day into the evening. To try to ease this I have been leaving her for short times with my sister (who she knows) with toys and with her big sister around and my four month old just screams.  

I know of seperation anxiety usually from 6 months but four months is ridiculous. 

Now because of her blood curdling cries I’m up at 3:00am on Friday morning worrying about the feasibility of Saturday’s outing. 

My heart is beating no thumping, I feel nauseous, I have a headache and I can’t sleep. My nerves of being away and her crying endlessly till I get back is taking a toll on me. This is an avoidable seperation. 

I’m stuck between a rock and sever hard places. 

I’m slowing becoming depressed about leaving her.  I think it’s harder on me that her. 

All the what ifs play in my mind. 

What if my sister can’t handle it and just leaves her to cry? I know that won’t happen but my mind is plaguing me with questions. 

What if she is so upset she won’t eat or sleep or even calm down? I’d be far away on a boat at that and not able to come home! 

I’m a mess.