Three cool play things for baby 

So I’m looking at various products and doing reviews. So I came across an article that runs down the top ten baby play things. 
I realize that most articles really promote expensive products 😳😳😳. All of their top ten must haves are well over $70.00 USD. 😱. I don’t think you should buy a play mat for $70.00 USD. 

Fisher Price Rainforest Melodies and Lights
I love this gym. The rich color was just very attractive to me and my little one is just enthused by it every time I put her in there. She is very stimulated and very comfortable. It is easy to set up and stores really easy when play time is over. Then when there is tummy time the mat has crickly materials (yes I said crickly) that she grabs at. She looks at all the pictures and laughs. I must admit I’m partial to the rain forest fisher price things. Any ways all this fun is for currently $43.00usd 

Bouncer chairs are a must have. Now I’m not sure you should go with this particular one but you can get great deals on line. 
Again fisher price. Again rainforest themed. Again great item. This is s boster seat , portable high chair (it clips on to any chair ) toy/feeding table. 


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