I want your food. 

You can most certainly tell when your LO is ready for food. At 15 weeks my LO was drooling at us eating, reaching for everything and sitting up unassisted with excellent head control. 

This time around with baby #2 I have decided that I am not buying any baby foods and that I will make it all. 

That’s all well and good in theory but we will see how it goes. I’m already cloth diapering (hand washing and line drying as we have a busted dryer) I’m EBF ( and she refused the bottle most times so it’s straight from tap) and am a SAHM and I run our family business.  Why not add baby food chef? 

Today I decided it was time. I was so tired of seeing my LO and her longing looks at my spoon as it went to my mouth. My SO’s best friend gave us a batman bowl set so it seemed like fate. 

I didn’t take this decisions lightly at all I first had to talk to my mom, my FIL and my two neighbours (who are like her grandparents ). They all had advice and all said lets do it. I gave a quick call to her doc and he said once she is displaying all the signs I was cleared for feeding. 

I then looked up what was the best first food and how I should go about introducing various foods to my LO. It was a toss up between sweet potato and avocado.

Honestly avocado won because it was way less work. This recipe Was amazing and easy to follow. (I added breast milk just to make the taste familiar ). 

IT WAS AWRSOME. I got her chair all ready, my SO buckled her in and we tried. She enjoyed it beyond our expectations. 

Let me just grab this bowl

I Dont Understand why she looks so horrified i swear she liked it

She responded to the spoon well😂😂😂

Even though it looks like she didnt like it she did


Because I’m paranoid I monitored her closely for an hour or so after and she was fine. She even breastfed after and is asleep. 

Now on to this journey. 

There are many resources online that can help you along this journey. They tell you how to prepare food, the time period for introducing foods, how long single foods should be given before mixing foods and a whole lot of other things. 

Find help at 

Wholesome baby foods
Homemade baby food
National health services in the UK
And for breastfeeding mommas who are concerned about introduction of solids while breastfeeding like I was check my go to resource La leche league


One thought on “I want your food. 

  1. Kalifa Esdelle says:

    My LOs are mostly watching me when I eat as most times I eat when nursing..lets not forget to mention food always gets on them..anyway ..I personally can not wait to begin feeding within the next couple of months when they reach 6 months as it keeps them full longer..so means longer sleeping hours..yesss finally..I would start with pumpkin..sweet potato..avocado.. carrots and yes mixed with some breast milk..baby gourmet meal

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