Is there an App for that? 

A lot has changed since our moms were giving birth. With the advance of technology, there actually is an app for almost everything!!! 

From ovulation trackers to pregnancy tracker’s there is an app for almost everything. There even an app for breast-feeding your baby. The question is, with all the apps out there do you need an app for that?

In most cases no, you don’t need an app for that. Realize I said in MOST cases. If you are struggling to get pregnant I believe that all the help you can get on your journey is important. If everything is normal, don’t confuse yourself or your process with an app. 

You don’t need an app to tell you when to breast feed your baby. Let me repeat. You do not need an application on your phone to tell you when to breast feed your baby. Once you have accomplished latching and your breast milk has come in most research suggest feeding on demand. 

There is popular thought locally that you MUST breast feed every two hours. My research has found that while babies regular eat at 2 hour intervals babies do skip feedings or require more feeds and “cluster feed” get more information on Cluster feeding.  I believe in feeding on demand. Do not go by a prescribed time and force feed your baby. 

My first, Shauneece, slept through the night from day three.  She slept from 7pm -7am most nights. People told me to wake her for feeding (she was bottle fed). The one time I tried the poor child screamed and screamed and was frustrated and flustered.  I never tried waking a sleeping baby again.

With Ari, she fed through the night (breast fed). She was literally attached to my boob for hours at a time. She co slept with me and was nursing for the first two months in clusters. Sometimes all day and night (talk bout stress). At three months she still feeds mostly at night while she skips feedings during the day. 

My advice is, once your baby is gaining weight well there is no need to worry about timing feeding. Let your baby guide you. 

As usual, if you feel like something is wrong and a little off trust yourself and speak to your doctor. You can never be to safe or too certain when it comes to your human!   

Have a nice day guys and please tell me what you think, and give some of your feeding stories here. I’d love to here how moms of multiples, children that are both very young and moms who have all babies in diapers manage at feeding time! 


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