Daddy things. 

Sometimes I find it hard to hand over baby, even to daddy. I keep reminding myself that daddy time and daddy things are necessary. Admittedly my SO didn’t know what to make of our LO at first but I have seen him grow and blossom into an amazing dad. 

That being said.  It is hard being a mom and doing most things. For me I breast feed and cloth diaper. My SO can’t breastfeed and he has only changed about ten diapers in three months.  He hands her over once she cries sometimes (most times?) and when he has her she always seems like she needs to feed. 🙄 he spends way too much time in the bathroom and at the worst times. The list goes on. And on. And on. 
Am I mad? I don’t know. Even writing this right now and thinking about how he will feel reading this and wondering how I really feel experiencing this I still don’t know. I don’t know because sometimes I take her from him if she cries. Sometimes I tell him he hasn’t done the snaps on the diaper correctly a bit to harshly. Sometimes I tell him leave me let me do it. Let me do it all. Sometimes I am in my own world with her just methodologically moving alone and don’t want to be interrupted. Sometimes he doesn’t do it right (well the way I do it). Sometimes I want to make sure it’s done my way. Sometimes I can be controlling.  

I keeping having to remind myself that I have to allow time for daddy things.  I have to allow play and mistakes and learning.  I have to allow time for him to find his legs, his way of doing things, his way of dealing with our LO. 

I’m weired.  I want him to be here and help yet I want to do it myself or believe only I can do it. 

This is something I’m dealing with currently. I’m getting better.  I am making time for daddy things. 


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