Where did the naps go? 

So you finally sunk in to a routine. You are the proud parent of an amazing three month old. Then it turns four months old.  Your amazing, perfectly times napping friendly baby who you just got accustomed to has changed into a cranky, never napping, waking up angry, fussy to sleep little creature.  

What has happened to my baby!? 

Four month sleep reversion is a hell of a thing and it is a permanent thing.  It can be scary and stressful but it is necessary for the development of your baby. So you can take some happiness in the fact your baby is growning and developing just fine. 

To understand more about this visit Baby sleep site for their amazing break down on this. Oh also check them because, head up the four months is not the only sleep regression you would face. 

So now I go to face this screaming baby. Pray for me. 


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