The extra stuff – what to buy before the baby comes 

So you’re pregnant! Congratulations. The journey has just begun and you may feel a bit overwhelmed by all the baby gear, products and advice out there. You have no idea where to start as you are bombarded with information. You may be a new mom or a second time mom feeling like a new mom (like I was). 

  • You sit reading articles about Johnsons and Johnsons baby powder causing cancer. 😨
  • You research all natural products or green products but you realize they are made by the same companies that kill animals. 😳
  • You find the honest company and realize you would have to take a mortgage to pick up a pamper subscription. 😵
  • Then you hear that the honest company hasn’t been that honest. 
  • Tossing and turning and not wanting to do anything wrong you are more overwhelmed than when you were Jon snow and knew nothing. 

Pull the breaks and let’s talk.

You need diaper stuff. 

Plain petroleum jelly would work. You can do the zinc oxide creams; genetics is cheap or you can go for the more expensive ones like Burt’s Bees or Cetaphil. 

If you want to you can use powder, try to get one with out perfume for newborns. You don’t have to be brand specific there are generic brands that do the same thing. I personally don’t like powder but my baby has no neck and I really needed it. For texture and price I use Himalaya and it is awesome. 

You need skin stuff. 

You have a choice here between cream and oil. You really don’t need both for your LO. The best all is cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil. While it is expensive it will last your LO a long time once used exclusively for them. 

If coconut oil is not your thing baby oil is always an option. Again there are other brands than Johnsons and Johnsons so look around.  I like the Cetaphil brand buy it is pricey. Again it lasts really long and I love the smell.  

You need bath time stuff 

Besides a bathtub you’d  def need some baby bath soap or gel. I use Himalaya brand baby body wash and shampoo. It’s really inexpensive and smells amazing.  Be careful with the soap from them as it isn’t tear free.  Again as a guide avoid bath washes with perfumes and that don’t have tear free on the label.  

You will also need baby hooded towels. Surprisingly these  can be really pricey. Some places have them for between $50-$80. Look around and if you can’t afford use towels you have at home.  Make sure they are washed and very soft and once being used by baby is exclusive to baby. 

Medication and medical stuff

It’s always a good idea to have a baby first aid kit.  Safety first has a wonderful package and so does the Red Cross. A basic kit should include a thermometer, feeder/dropper/spoon and suction for nose. 
You’d also want to pick up a box of Ovol for colic and gripe water.  Please be mindful of the gripe water as the most popular one is Woodwards but this can’t be used on newborns. There is a kiddo colic version that is safe for infants.  If you can’t find Ovol you can use the little remedies gas drops. They are a bit more expensive and don’t work as well in my opinion but they do work. 

You should also have red lavender, Glecerin, a dedicated comb and brush, burp cloths or rags and washcloths.  

Feeding stuff 

If your like me you probably did research on the best bottles, bottle warmers, nipples , sterilizers and the like. I prefer the playtex bottles but I didn’t buy them because I got two in my Walmart Baby box (you should definitely sign up) I also got a tommy tippie bottle which is also liked but mainly because it is comfortable to hold.  I bought the natural line of Avent bottles with are my most used only because my Avent pump works with them. Again there are great bottles out there from Gerber to Evenflow and Nuby which are at various price points and are just as effective.  Pick up a bottle brush while you are shopping and some extra nipples too. 

If we are being minimalist this is a basic starter pack for all you need for you new born. Of course there are many other nifty things you can buy but you really don’t have too.  

Now on to gear. 

Car seat. Get a car seat. Once you child will be in a car get a car seat. For me this point is not up for debate. Car safety for babies and children is always the top of my list. Both my children left the hospital in their car seats. 

When purchasing a car seat look for one with a five point safety harnes. It looks like this. 

Also check the expiry date. Read this article to find out how. 

Look for the ability to remove the cloth cover to launder. 

Read all instructions on proper placement, positioning and usage of the seat before you make the baby. Read here 

If possible purchase a seat per vehicle or spend a little extra for a seat that will grow with your baby till booster age.  

Familiarize yourself with the laws that govern car seat usage. 

Always protect you child. Make sure they are buckled in correctly once in the seat even if not in the car.  

Do not attach your car seat to the shopping trolley this can damage the hook and make it difficult or can make it impossible to attach to the base. 

If your vehicle is small, purchase a seat that can be used with out the base.  This makes it smaller and more compact. 

Baby wearing do you need to?  

Parents who are advocates of attachment parenting will swear by baby wearing and the benefits or practing this time honored tradition.  In many cultures mom or dad “wear” the baby as they move around various jobs or even the home. This is seen as a method of bonding and socialization. Hey don’t take my word for it. There are actually baby wearing Facebook pages for trini moms! Check out 

Baby wearing TT for resources videos and information on this topic. 

You have options between ring slings, slings with clasps, traditional carriers, DIY cariers and lots more. I prefer to baby wear as my baby is needy at times and wearing while doing chores or even while typing up my blog helps me get things done while keeping her comforted.

Read part two which covers; Baby sleeping; Baby strolling ;Baby sitting ;Baby playing 

And part three covering; Transporting baby 


2 thoughts on “The extra stuff – what to buy before the baby comes 

  1. Kalifa esdelle says:

    For me I use the huggies disposable diapers and huggies natural care wipes for diaper protection I use the A&D ointment. It is like vaseline yet medicated.. yes I read avout the Johnson and Johnson suit as well as the Honest company malpractice..personally I do not recommend powder for diaper protection.I purchased the Himalaya line of baby products as I use their own for me and I found that it works just fine and it is inexpensive though the adult products are pricey. I also bought the Safety 1st kit for babies that also have a medication dropper that resembles a bottle equipped with nipple and all for easy administering of medicine. This comes in handy foe the Woodwards use and yes the first month was torture as soon as the reached the age requirement I ran for Woodwards and it works like a charm within minutes my babies get relief. I usually love Avent products but this time around I bought the Dr Browns bottle as it boasted on reducing the amount of air your little ones take in during feeding. I also invested in t Medela electronic breast pump as I know I would be pumping quite often and it works to mimic how a baby sucks thereby reducing pumping time..ths works pretty well. Of course car seats is a must and I went with the Graco and bought snuzzlers to fit the inside so thaty LO can be more comfortable.. I am sure they were thankful for this .I did not purchase any slings though know I wished I had.


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