Denny’s Trinidad Review. 

Denny’s Trinidad review. 
I’ve been to Denny’s a few times so I feel confident that I can write this review and not just be biased about a one off event. 
The location, layout, parking, accessibility. 
While many may find this location is great it really isn’t. Getting into the parking lot means you either have to cut through traffic exiting Maraval or make the round about. Either way you take it is stressful for new drivers (my mom drove there once and it was chaos). For me it’s ok but for my mom it was torture. 
The parking lot is SMALL to say the least and the spaces and angles are Tight. If you have a big car and can’t average just don’t bother to park in there. Just. Don’t. Bother. If you like adventure no worries drive on in. They share a spot with a new club which is located downstairs Denny’s so parking is a premium. At night you are afforded parking across the street in the bank and the security for Denny’s is really helpful and assist you when it comes to crossing the very busy street. 
Denny’s has a wheel ram to enter the building but after that you are screwed. There is an accessibility chair for those who can’t walk up the stairs but that’s it. I went there with my stroller and had to lift it up the steep stairs.  
The restaurant is small! Like very small and the layout is poor. The waiting area (where you will spend most of your time) is tiny and consists or three small seating benches. It isn’t off the main entrance so when here is full you find yourself dispossessed. You embark on a nomadic adventure moving from here to there to allow exiting patrons to pass. 
The layout is also poor when it comes to actual seating. The restaurant is separated into three distinct areas imo. There is the main area that you see once you enter. A side area on your left and a small room on tour right. While waiting and self digesting you may notice that most tables in all areas are empty. You will sit there perplexed in your hunger induced confusion wondering why you haven’t been seated. The major problem with Denny’s is operation management of the floor. Tables are left dirty and unattended hindering turnover. There seems to be no order or even no intention or compulsion to clean tables. 
The bathroom is awful. It is small and somehow always wet. The tap requires instructions to operate (yes they actually had instructions up). One of the two female bathrooms is never working (isn’t this place newish?). My main issue with the bathroom is that for a family restaurant (let’s stress on FAMILY) there are no changing tables. NONE. How can you tout yourself as a FAMILY establishment and have no changing station? Ok the no stroller access on the inside is one thing but no change station is unacceptable. 
Moving on to more things that are unacceptable is the seating. Some of. These benches are so close to the tables I could hardly fit my pregnant belly comfortably in there. If you are bigger ask for a chair and table combo. 
Training of staff seems to have been something that was rushed or skipped completely. Every time I have been food has been dropped loudly. Like entire huge trays of food wasted. So after I wait so long for my dam food (maybe an hour or more before you are even seated) you drop my food. 😏

Another issue is seating of families. Hey I have a huge stroller and a baby and an eight year old along with my husband and mother why not put me in the middle of an active walk way to sit where all the hot food passes and we can all hardly fit! Yes this is a true story. No we didn’t endanger anyone by blocking the walkway nor did we put our baby at risk of having hot food spilled on her. We asked to be moved and waited another 20 mins for them to clean a table to be seated. 
You may ask now. Why I go there. After all I have said and I still have been there a few times you may be wondering why!?
Well there is one amazing employee that is amazing as amazing comes and and always makes our stay there AWESOME. (Hi Giselle). The other reason is actually the dinner. The food is good. The quintessential American comfort foods and not very expensive. (The pancakes suck —- like out of 100 levels of sucking the pancakes are 2000) but the stakes and the dinners and the burgers are awesome. Stakes are juicy even when well done, the burgers are the size of my eight year olds head, the menus is not extensive but it is satisfying. The deserts are awesome a bit huge but everything. Is Denny’s is huge. Portions sizes are worth the price. Each dish comprises of a nice balance of flavors and taste fresh. The eggs are real!!!! And tasty. 
All in all my cravings for pot roast and sirloin stakes make me drag my family out and put them through this suffering selfishly. 
Have you been to Denny’s? What’s your views? 


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