Is breast best? 

Ok so let’s talk about boobs. There is a wonderful movement advocating breast feeding and the normalizing of public breast feeding. I’m all for this movement as I breast feed openly and my LO hates to be covered. So moms don’t feel comfortable doing it and that’s ok. That doesn’t make you less of a breast feeding mommy. 

The problem I have with the movement is that is has started to become a bit catty. Breastfeeders are adopting a superiority complex over formula feeders.  When EBF’s (exclusively breast feeders ) gang up on a mom it is the most painful thing I can watch. 

Let me get this straight. FED is best. How ever you see it for to feed your LO fed is best!

I feel this way because although I’m a successful breastmilk producing and dispensing badass now, I could manage to feed my first born from the tap. I remember the questions. People asking if I tried hard enough, asking if I gave up, telling me my LO would be “not as smart, not as healthy, not as thin, not as developed ” as a breastfed baby. There were days I though o was doing it wrong, felt like I was failing my LO, especially in Trinidad where every nurse in the hospital and clinic wants to remove “artificial nipples ” and are extremely judgmental.  I want no mom to feel this. 

There was nothing special I did this time. There was no more or extra effort. There wasn’t a special technique I learned. It just worked this time. My LO latched, my nipples didn’t bleed, my milk came in faster and it just worked. 

Do not stress, if it hurts the latch is incorrect. There is a breastfeeding group at MT Hope (I don’t know the days and times as it changes ) Read as much as you can. There are also things you can take to increase your supply. Please consult your physician first. 

The breastfeeding journey can be difficult. The Trinidad and Tobago breast feeding association Can help also if you need more help you can check. 

La leche league international
International Lactation Consultants
There are many other sites but I find these two most helpful. They cover breastfeeding and pumping and advise on milk storage and preparation. 

If you really want breast milk look for a wet nurse or donor milk in your area. It’s a new venture in the country so as usual research and keep you physician involved in the process. 

What’s your feeding story? Share with us in the comments section! 


One thought on “Is breast best? 

  1. casnel says:

    Breast milk is best as long as a female is producing, all mammals breast feed and don’t depend on another species or other means to feed their young or depend on any other food during that initial period and we should take a lesson from that. The beauty of it is that it can sustain a baby and it’s amazing to see how the milk transforms maybe for the baby’s needs during the initial 6 months. It’s just nature and whatever is in that milk was created for a purpose and for that purpose. I’ve also read that it is super important for boys, in my observations on clinic days there is a big difference from formula fed, by 4 months exclusively breast fed are more alert, responsive, stronger and interactive. The one thing I’ve realized is that doctors will advise that for 6 months breast milk only but what they don’t tell you is that for 6 months, 24/7 every two hours you will be breast feeding and the 2 hours starts when the baby starts feeding. So if the baby feeds for an hour it means in the next hour he/she will have to feed again. It’s a lot of constant work I call it. Investment in a pump is a good idea and introducing a bottle within 2 weeks from my experience helps with the workload, Lansinoh brand of pump and bottle does wonders. On a side note, having a good father also helps to make it easier lol.


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