Do I NEED that? Part three – Clothes 

You must have clothes. You must have a few vests, nighties, cazacs, socks and hats (both sun hats and cold hats ). Honestly my baby is hardly in vests. I bought them to go to the hospital as they said those were needed.
Additionally, she only used the nighties and cazacs in the hospital. She was born 8.6 so some of the new born vests actually didn’t fit her (she was a fatty) I suggest buy small not newborn and if you need newborn purchase postpartum so nothing is unused.

My daughter got so much clothing from the baby shower and hand me downs that honestly I wish I hadn’t bought any clothing for her (ok not really as I did score some really cute things) also don’t be afraid of thrift shopping or second hand sale sites/fb pages. Nothing is wrong with previously loved clothing for little ones.

People may have told you you need to get a special outfit for the baby to leave the hospital with. I did this for my first and it worked out fine. I knew when o was getting discharged, called my then husband and had time to pack and dress my LO in the cutest white knitted romper you ever did see. 

For my second I got her a batman onesie with a tutu.  I was in the hospital and literally was begging to be released. She had jaundice so they had to complete test upon tests thus my departure was unsure. Mt Hope usually releases patients at visiting hours so all morning I was pacing, hoping and praying like a caged bird that I get out. Then they said one more test. I watched as all the other girls in my room packed up and left with their bundles and their families. My SO sat there waiting patiently almost the entire visiting time had passed before the came to take my LO to draw blood. I swear I was in tears. I watch with tear filled eyes as my SO walked down the hall carrying a few things leaving me in a desolate room. A little while later they brought the baby back and said I was able to leave !!!! What?! I called him; he was already home and said he will comeback now. I scrambled to pack all my things and drag my bags out the door down the hall to the nurses station. The excitement of it all I just rolled the baby in the cott down the hall. She was wearing a vest and nappies….. That was it. 

My SO asked me “so you not changing her?” I swear I hit him one severe cut eye. I just wanted to leave and the time was ticking before they close off and I would have to stay another day. I felt like I made a mad dash lol. Don’t get me wrong I had an amazing experience at MT HOPE but I really just wanted to be home.  

I still dressed her in the batman outfit when we got home just to see my SO’s face light up!  

I would also suggest some long john type onesies.  I really like Gerber Sleep and Play for our climate they are thin enough not to cause the baby to feel too hot and clustered. I also love the value you get with baby gear 5 onesies  (you find find these locally in many baby stores). I also love all things Carters. They may be a bit expensive locally but head over to the website they have constant sales. 

What are your clothing must haves for baby? Leave us a comment and let us know! 


2 thoughts on “Do I NEED that? Part three – Clothes 

  1. Kalifa esdelle says:

    I totally agree with you for my first child and little bundles of joy(b/g twin) I only bought vests and all baby items that were needed for hospital stay and as such that was it for those items. They are usually home in onsies.I particularly love the gerber and yes everything by carters their clothes melt my heart.I try my best to match their onsies with socks it completes the look. I also got girl outfits from my cousin who recently had her baby infact we also rotate baby gear like swings because these items are expensive and after the babies surpasses the weight limit its rendered useless.I had my babies right in the rainy season so the long sleepers I had to have but only a couple as I did not know how long they would have been so I also got swaddles. I also know twins are born somewhat on the smaller side but then I was a big baby at 9lbs some ounces as well as my first born so thank God I did not buy newborn for the first child so I decided to do the same with the twin. However the 0-3 months were big for them( onsies, hat, socks) and so had to buy newborn clothing immediately after birth. At seven weeks my daughter still fits comfortably in newborn clothing however my son is well on his way towards o-3 months.


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