Do I NEED that? Part two- Baby bags 

Baby bags!!! ❤💗 for me this
a whole blog postbecause I love baby bags and baby bag shopping. 

Right now my daughter has a hello kitty carryall bag which is not really a baby bag but it does the job and is cute and different. She also has a Child of Mine by Carters and a generic one I thought was cute. 

To me baby bags are important because it is going to be hanging on you and your SO for a few years. Get something that is versatile, says something about your style and that will last. I recommend spending a little extra on this as it will be used often (everyday) and for a long time.  

What to look for.

When shopping for baby bags SIZE MATTERS it must be able to comfortably hold enough pampers or cloth diapers for an outing or a trip to day care. (Some day cares take the entire box and tell you when to replenish others don’t ). 

It should hold all changing accessories (pads, powders , ointments , wipes etc). 

It should be able to hold medications, bottles or bottle warmer bag, formula (for formula fed babies) thermos (formula fed babies) change of clothes for baby (or a few changes)rags and a blanket. 

You need pockets and lots of them. Outside pockets come in handy to store your baby’s spitup raga or bibs or even one for your cellphone so you can grab it during that I opportune time it decides to ring while you’re balancing your screaming infant in on hand leaned against a stroller digging for a pamper. Yuh know if it’s important.

 Speaking of digging for pampers how about looking for dedicated compartments inside the bag or what I use are little bags within my bag. These bags sort my stuff out so if I need anything I just grab that bag a d it’s there. For my cloth diapers I use a wet bag with my shells and inserts and a change of clothing with wipes. This is everything I need for a quick change in one bag that I can just take out of my carryall. You can lump items like I do or make your own groupings defendant in your needs.

Lastly remember comfort. Look at the straps and make sure with weight the bag will be comfortable to carry.  Make sure the strap can be adjusted, is securely attached to the bag and won’t fall off or burst. Even if you love the bag and the straps aren’t all that great think of ways you can reinforce by taking it to a seamstress or sewing it yourself. 

There is so much more we can talk about baby bags! Add your input to this post and let us know what you think is necessary in a baby bag!


2 thoughts on “Do I NEED that? Part two- Baby bags 

  1. trecey says:

    Baby bags are must have an emergency bag always packed with the necessary and one to use all the time. I would definitely recommend carters very durable i got years out of mine with my first baby.

    Liked by 1 person

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