Hiya nice to meet you 

Hi there! Thanks for taking the time out to join me on this journey into mommyhood. I’m starting this blog and it’s called Under the Fuzzy Blanket. It’s named after my daughter’s favorite thing and her favorite place to be. Who doesn’t like to cuddle and be nurtured under a soft fluffy blanket?It will appare here on trinimomcorner.

My name is Anisa Edmund and I have two girls one is eight and one is three months at this time.

I have experienced so much in my life as a mom from divorce to single mothering, dating while being a single mom, pursuing a degree, working, maintaining a social life etc etc etc.

Currently I’m in a happy relationship with my SO and we are plodding along with our family businesses trying to make our way in this world.

We are an interracial couple who love food and family so there will be a few food posts also lol.

The purpose of this blog is to engage and inform mothers and new mothers about all the advances in baby care and gear available that I find through my research and experiments (poor kids).

I intend to do product reviews ; for things I’ve tried for both girls (so there will be a huge age difference ). The reviews will cover baby gear and toys, clothing, educational websites, lessons schools, places to go things to do here in Trinidad and Tobago.

I intend to do parenting style perspectives as I waddle my way through it all ; attachment parenting, co parenting and the whole step fathering and grandfathering.

I hope to be able to help where I can, learn what I can from you guys and answer a many questions as possible.

This is an interactive group so your posts and pictures and are always welcomed.

As I develop this idea more I will expand what I post about but it will be centered around my life as a mom and the things you and I face living loving and growing.


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