Do I NEED that? 

This post is about the things we need and don’t need for our new bundles. 

On this post I’ll cover pampers, diaper bags and complimentary products. 

We will open up discussion points on cloth diapering and product reviews but they will be picked up at a later date. 

Yay I made it to my first post. I have been debating this topic in my mind for days now wondering what should my first post be. I finally settled on a product post about things you definitely need verses cute add ons. I’m doing this because, let’s face it, every blog and mom is going to tell you something different. Some of us aren’t rich and can’t afford every single suggested item for a new born. 

Even the hospital bag is up for debate because in these economic times we all need to be a little more frugal. So here is a list of items that you really should have. It’s not an exhaustive list so fell free to add to it! 

Post below and give you reasons why it’s a must have item for you. Some of the items here I had (even the add ons ) for both my first and second child and I realized that they are just not that necessary IN MY OPINION.

So here goes.

For your new baby you must have pampers. This is a given, you know because poop….and lots of it. For my daughter I used two boxes of new born huggies in the first three weeks, so be prepared with at least two boxes to avoid running out. A great way to approximate size is to use the weight given for the baby at the last ultrasound and then go buy nappies. Purchase enough for the hospital stay and for at least the first three weeks as you won’t want to have to run out and get anything. 

Complimentary to the butt stuff you should be stocked up on what ever you plan to use along with the nappies. You have you choice of powders and ointments. My suggestion is to buy a good ointment (Burt’s Bees or even Cetaphil) and not use powder. This is because the fine talcum or any type really can get into your infants lungs and cause issues. Since you will be changing about 12 nappies a day you should also try to protect the area and use a nice thick zinc oxide. My personal choice is Burt’s Bees but it is expensive here so if you can get it at Walmart or Amazon.

For cloth diapering moms DO NOT USE OINTMENTS on your baby when using cloth. If you must use powder try to transfer to baby with out any blowing in the wind. Use a powder puff or bowl, take off the fans and then apply. For moms who CD also you will need a Wet Bag or laundry bag specifically for soiled diapers until wash day.

One add is a diaper genie or pail. This isn’t necessary but if you do get it it is very functional.

Charcoal air purifier Sacks are a nifty add on which are  mainly for cloth diapering moms. It sucks the smells out of any room and they are activated by the sun. They are really cheap on Amazon but not a must have.

Now that we have the diapers we need a changing pad. You usually get one with the baby bags but these are small and from my experience very crappy, although they can be used I suggest you get a proper changing pad that will take you through our your diapering journey. I got a Jj Cole changing clutch which I love but there are others that you can have for cheaper prices. For me this is a must have!
See my review below. 

 Besides being very trendy looking it is awesome.

Made of materials that are easy to clean and light weight this nifty clutch can become your one and only changing pad. Notably larger than the regular changing pad as pictured below it makes sure your baby does not touch any surface (esp public bathrooms). I used this at trincity mall washroom and it covered the entire change station. Also, there is a padded head rest (not very padded but padded enough) to keep baby comfortable during change. There is also a pocket which can hold three large diapers and a huggies wipes (hard case or new soft pouches) with ease. So if you are just running out the car for a quick change this is all you need. (I managed to also hold a full tube of berts bees zinc oxide). There is also a nifty clasp that unhooks so I usually hook this to the stroller for quick access.

All in all this is a wonderful changing pad and Will last me a long time (because of size) and is very fashionable. 🙂

Another purchase you may be considering is an actual changing station but this isn’t a must have for me. For my first child my father built a beautiful changing station that I must have used twenty times. It’s very cute in a dedicated nursery but to me not a must have. For my second I got one that was attached to her pack and play which has been used to hold her cloth diapers and never used to change her on.  

If you can afford it get one that is multifunctional as in holds diapers and clothes and can be used as storage or a type of counter top also. For me I pull out the jjcole and change her anywhere. 

Wipes!!!! Wipes are essential for messybumbs. I suggest you purchase a perfume free and sensitive labeled wipes. If you have a big enough baby bag you can fit any entire hard case of wipes in there with no worries except for weight. It will be handy to pick up either a soft clutch or hard case for wipes on the go. Huggies has both and so does pampers but they aren’t the only brands out there so if you are on a budget shop around. I bought a clutch (hard case for wipes) but I didn’t like it nuch because my wipes dried out within a few days. 

This is by no means extensive and some things are deliberately left for your input. What are your diapering must haves? 


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